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  • The walking, talking cricket anthology. You could get up in the morning, begin a cricket conversation with our Manu, pop off to the shops, return, run a bath, make a cuppa tea, eat your lunch, cook the dinner and fall asleep again before Manu stops talking about cricket. The lad bloody loves it. For a brief stint a few years ago (and to our ears delight) Manu left for Hatfield Pev to play in the Premier division. He must have been actually playing as, ever prone to the dodgy umpiring decision, they certainly wouldn’t of allowed him to be a match official, surely?. On one occasion Manu shot his finger up so quick that the bowler had not even turned round to appeal. And this crafty finger, trigger-happy and as quick as a gun-fighter at the O.K. Corral has of recent times been accompanied by a thick as ten bricks moustache that we all at one point thought was drawn on with permanent marker. Our Gringo doesn’t just follow trends, he sets them.

    Its quite unfortunate that the other lads in the club can’t follow trends – such as scoring runs like Manu – because this geezer has buckets of them! You just can’t bowl at this guy as you will go the distance. I once see him hit a Yorker off the stumps for six down toward third man. I mean do me a favour. You could chuck a piano down at this man and by god he would play it better than Mowzart. Manuzart! I tell you – I don’t just make these up for fun you know. This season alone he has played 45 games. 45?! I didn’t even know we had 45 games. And where does his money come from for all them subs eh? Must hide it in that thick tash of his the crafty buggar. 45 games. Isnt there a local pub where you are Mr Tash? I suppose it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, bravo for your efforts. We certainly need more players like Mr Tash. To him cricket isn’t a matter of life or death, no, its much more important than that. Rarely does a player come through our ranks that can bat bowl wicket keep and field as well as you. Just don’t put him on the boundary at OCCC, as he won’t see the ball. Fear not Mr Tash, for my dog also struggles with Red on Green colours and everyone still likes him to some extent. 

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Batting and fielding history
 Total 40136055598210519.616874541811033
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Season: 2019/2020
 All teams232131882310.441010033
Season: 2019
 All teams373454255514.6649201133
Season: 2018
 All teams323024485216.006500391
Season: 2017
 All teams58531399610024.90124414148
Season: 2016/2017
 All teams110777.00000000
Season: 2016
 All teams484739897222.48121502142
Season: 2015/2016
 All teams761591511.80310011
Season: 2015 (Showing 1 of 5 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 All teams9802267928.253420210

Bowling history
SeasonMatchesOversMaidensRunsWicketsBest Bowling5WAverageEconomy
Total176617.44340341336 - 32130.336.53
2019/20201746.0062392 - 40069.2213.54
20191257.1326082 - 24032.504.55
20181362.04296163 - 31018.504.77
20171150.48227153 - 15015.134.48
2016/201713.002600 - 2600.008.67
2016941.0415471 - 7022.003.76
2015/2016710.0011611 - 110116.0011.60
20151667.05379143 - 34027.075.66
2014/20151434.0033462 - 15055.679.82
2014935.24184106 - 32118.405.21
2013/20141744.50416123 - 19034.679.28
20131986.112376193 - 2019.794.36
2012/20132244.31436143 - 11031.149.80
2012936.0220722 - 190103.505.75