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Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club - Club Constitution

Club Constitution

Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club Constitution

Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club


Opposite Tyndale’s Farm, Southend Road, Woodham Mortimer, Essex CM9 6TQ

Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club Rules

Name of the Club

The club shall be called the Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club.


Mission, Ethos, Objectives

Mission - To provide a safe, secure, and friendly environment in which people of all ages and abilities may play and enjoy cricket.

Ethos - To promote fair play, respect for all and observance of the Laws and the Spirit of Cricket.

Objectives – The main purpose of the club are to provide facilities for and to promote participation in the amateur sport of Cricket


Officers, Captain and Committee

1.         Officers

The officers shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Development Officer, and Club Welfare Officer.

2.         Captains and Vice Captains

The captains of the respective teams shall be elected at the AGM to serve for a period of one year, by members who are playing members only. Vice Captains shall be selected by the captains at their discretion.

3.         Committee

The club shall be controlled by a General Committee consisting of the Officers and Captains, (only those Captains elected at the AGM for a period of 1 year) and shall meet at such frequencies determined by the Chair, but not less than 4 times per calendar year.

4.         Powers of the Committee

a.         The property and assets of the club shall be vested in the General Committee.

b.         The General Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committee as may be, from time to time, deemed necessary and shall receive reports of such sub-committee at its meetings. 

c.         The General Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel, at its discretion, any member of the club deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the club, after such member has had the opportunity of explaining his case to the Committee.

d.         The General Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancies as may arise in its constitution between Annual General Meetings. 

e.         The General Committee shall have the power to declare a seat vacant, should a member absent themselves from four consecutive meetings without any explanation deemed to be satisfactory.

Membership and Subscriptions

1.         Membership

a.         Members shall be ordinary (either playing or non-playing) or honorary members.  Upon payment of the annual subscription, spouses and partners of playing members will become non-playing members, although will be encouraged to become Friends of WMCC, for an agreed fee.

b.         Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other beliefs, except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of Cricket.

            The club may have different classes of membership and subscription on a non-discriminatory and fair basis. The club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.

            The club committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to the members.

c.         Candidates for membership are accepted on payment of yearly subscription, the year running from 01 May-30 Apr.

d.         A register of members shall be kept by the Membership Secretary and be safely protected for the sole use of club matters.

e.         In the event of non-payment of subscription by any member, by a date set by the Committee, or within 3 months of joining the club, the membership shall be deemed to be suspended.  Non-payment for a further month will result in the termination of that person’s membership.

f.          A member wishing to resign shall give notice to this effect, in writing to the Secretary, such notice to be accompanied by payment of all club dues owing at this date.

g.         Admission will be allowed to members of visiting teams and their bon-fide guests up to a maximum of fifty persons.


2.         Subscriptions

a.         The annual subscriptions and match fees of the Club shall be decided by the AGM.

b.         Match fees will be paid on the day of the match.

c.         Subscriptions to be paid as per Rule 5e.


Annual General Meeting and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting


1.         Annual General Meeting

a.         The AGM shall be no later than the 31st of December in each year and not more than 15 months must elapse between each such meeting.

b.         The Secretary shall give a minimum of 21 days’ notice of such meetings to all members.

c.         The Financial Statement and Secretary’s Report shall be received by the meeting, which will also elect the Officers, Captains, and General Committee by ballot, as well as appoint auditors and transact any other business.

2.         Extra-Ordinary General Meetings

a.         An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Committee when deemed desirable or upon the written request of not less than 30, or one-fifth of the total number of members, whichever is the least.


Club Finance

1.         Finance

a.         The General Committee shall cause to be kept proper books of accounts and shall appoint an auditor annually.

b.         Official receipts for all monies shall be signed by the Treasurer.

c.         The General Committee shall authorize cheque's to be signed by at least two of its members.

d.         The club is a non-profit making organization.  All surplus income or profits shall be re-invested in the club. All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties


Changes to the Rules

1.         Alteration to Rules

a.         No alteration of these rules shall be made except at the AGM or at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose and only if supported by a majority of those present and voting at such meetings.

b.         Notice of proposed alterations to these rules must be given in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the AGM or EGM and notified to the members on notice of meeting.


 Premises and Licensing

1.         Hours of Opening/Closing (Premises)

a.         The club shall be open for periods defined by the General Committee.

b.         The bar shall be controlled by the General Committee or three of their members.

2.         Permitted Hours

a.         As per the licensing hours for the district.

3.         Intoxicating Liquor

a.         Intoxicating liquor may be:

            i.          Sold to members and their bona fide guests

ii.         Sold to members of visiting clubs and their bona fide guests on match days to a maximum of 50 persons.

iii.         No person under the age of 18 may be sold or permitted to consume intoxicating liquor on the Club premises.      



a.         Members will, at all times, be responsible for the conduct of their guests.



a.         Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or the sports governing body for use by them in related community sports.


 Rules amended post AGM 1999

Rules amended post AGM 2004

Rules amended post AGM 2011

Rules amended post AGM 2017

Rules amended post AGM 2021

Rules amended post AGM 2023

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