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Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club - 100 Club

100 Club 2020
  The subscribers and winners of the 2020 x WMCC 100 Club are as follows :-

42  Jack Preston
46  Nathan Hayman
48  Nick Goode
49  Gavin Cook
50  David Sawyer
51  Phillip Granger
52  Andy Coombes
53  Colin Sawyer
54  Steve Kelly
55  Andy Coombes
56  Mike Bunker
57  Manoj Tripathi
58  Nigel Richardson
59  Heather Bunker
60  Sheena Maxwell Kent
61  Angus Beames
62  Phillip Wakeling
63  Stuart Careless
65  Phillip Granger
66  Trevor Mason
67  Tony Brock
68  Kate Brock
69  Nick Goode
70  James Mickley
71  Andy Brown
72  Sheena Maxwell Kent
73  Stuart Phillips
74  Phillip Granger
75  Kylie Fannon
77  Audrey Mitchell
78  Nigel Richardson
79  Keith Lester
80  Freddie Beames
84  Phillip Granger
85  Shirley Smith
87  Colin Sawyer
88  Stuart Phillips
90  Steve Collis
91  Ollie Glasson
93  Dan Smith
94  John Woodrow
95  Freddie Beames
96  Ian Ball
97  George Verlander
99  Sam Older
100 Cameron Hayman
102 Steve Collis
103 Damian Fannon
104 Toby Pateman
105 David West
106 Angus Beames
107 Keith Mitchell
108 John Woodrow
111 Nick Goode
112 Keith Lester 
113 Andy Brown
114 Steve Kelly
115 Stuart Careless

58 subscribers raising £696.
This means £348 paid out in prizes and £348 for the Club.
Draws took place at the Clubhouse on Saturday 10th October and the winners are  :-

April       1st     No 53         Colin Sawyer      £34.80
              2nd    No.91         Ollie Glasson     £14.50
              3rd     No.63        Stuart Careless   £ 8.70                                                                                                                                                                                                         
May       1st     No. 59        Heather Bunker   £34.80
              2nd   No. 88        Stuart Phillips      £14.50
              3rd    No.114       Steve Kelly          £ 8.70 

June      1st    No. 68         Kate Brock          £34.80
              2nd  No. 94         John Woodrow    £14.50
              3rd   No. 115       Stuart Careless   £ 8.70

July        1st   No. 71         Andy Brown         £34.80
              2nd  No. 113       Andy Brown         £14.50
              3rd   No. 54        Steve Kelly           £  8.70

August   1st   No. 108       John Woodrow    £34.80
              2nd  No. 53         Colin Sawyer       £14.50
              3rd  No. 91          Ollie Glasson      £ 8.70 

Sept       1st   No. 53         Colin Sawyer       £34.80
              2nd  No. 67         Tony Brock          £14.50
              3rd  No. 63          Stuart Careless   £ 8.70

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT OF THE 100 CLUB. In a difficult season I hope that those that were unable to subscribe will resume their subscriptions in 2021.
Meanwhile enjoy the winter and stay safe.
Best regards        Keith Mitchell
Now most of the subs have been received by the Club, it is time to request subscriptions to the 100 Club.        
The 100 Club  raises much needed funds, without relying solely on social events. It also means that a wide number of members contribute to the financial success of the Club, which helps the committee to consider improvements to YOUR CLUB in the future.
We ask members to contribute £12 per annum for a share ( multiples of £12 for 2nd ,3rd share etc.) We pay out 50% of the subscriptions in prize money. The more money we received in subscriptions the more in prize money.
In the past we have received approx. £800 in subscriptions and therefore the Club has made £400 per annum. We would like to increase that to £500 for the Club. That relies on you making that extra commitment of £12. Please contact me with Bank details so I can set up a standing order which then becomes maintenance free.

CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: Woodham Mortimer CC 100 Club
SORT CODE: 20 04 96
ACC NO: 30678368

You can continue to pay me by this method if you wish, but if you can set up a standing order I would prfefer this.
Please pay me as soon as possible so we can have some draws.        Thank you for your support, Keith Mitchell (Peggy)