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Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club News story

People needed at the club this Saturday 10th 10am. please let me know if you can make it

07 Apr 2021

Dear All


This Saturday we will need some bodies at the club house to complete some jobs before the start of the season


  1. Move net matts into the correct nets. Measure creases and paint on to mats and grass
  2. Repair net holes with string available at club and tighten up nets with cable ties
  3. Trim over hanging branches with strimmer and remove to behind the club house
  4. Rake away 2 big ants nets near storage area and back of club house
  5. Flatten and spread loose soil near storage area
  6. Stain outside tables and benches. Nick has the stain
  7. PAINTING THE OUTSIDE OF THE CLUB HOUSE!!  A big job that will require  more than a few people.
  8. Picket fence needs painting.

Nick has paint and rollers so we are ready to go we just need some bodies


Please text me on 0771 8585798 if you can help preferably Saturday to start, but if not we will try Sunday as well